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Nouvelle traduction : <i>The Design Film Festival</i>
4 September 2020

Nouvelle traduction : The Design Film Festival

The Design Film Festival presents, from September 11 to November 1, 2020, films made by designers and films about design. The festival is an online exhibition that shares completed and developing works, storyboards, prototypes and other (...)
<i>Mouvements vaporeux</i>
5 October 2019

Mouvements vaporeux

"Mouvements vaporeux" is my Bachelor’s essay, written in 2018 at HEAD - Geneva. With this one, I studied the exploration of the forms and the shaping of the clouds, in art, since the 19th century. The clouds arise where they are not expected, (...)
Grand tour 2019
6 August 2019

Grand tour 2019

The Grand Tour allows young graduates of Bachelor and Master in Visual Arts from H.E.A.D. - Geneva to show their diploma work. This visit is intended mainly for curators, critics, institutional-ones and gallery owners and takes place in the Art-Visual workshops of the school.
<i>Flying Saucers</i> exhibition at Ariana
6 August 2019

Flying Saucers exhibition at Ariana

Ariana Museum
Avenue de la Paix 10
1202 Geneva
Exhibition from 7 to 14 October 2018.
Opening Sunday, October 7 at 12h.
Exhibition <i>Soucoupes volantes / Fliegende Untertassen /Flying Saucers</i>
6 August 2019

Exhibition Soucoupes volantes / Fliegende Untertassen /Flying Saucers

Porzellanfabrik Langenthal AG
Bleienbachstrasse 22
4900 Langenthal
The exhibition will be open during the Cultural Night of Langenthal on April 27, 2018, between 19h and 23h. Guided tours are organized.