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Exhibition <i>Soucoupes volantes / Fliegende Untertassen /Flying Saucers</i>

Porzellanfabrik Langenthal AG
Bleienbachstrasse 22
4900 Langenthal
The exhibition will be open during the Cultural Night of Langenthal on April 27, 2018, between 19h and 23h. Guided tours are organized.

On Friday, April 27, 2018, students from Head – Geneva, Construction option, exhibit their work in the former porcelain factory "Porzi" in Langenthal.
This exhibition is the realization of a workshop initiated in the course of 2017. However, the project is part of a larger project named Topographies of the obsolete initiated by Neil Brownsword and Anne Helen Mydland.
The 23 students present and I worked from the history of this abandoned place and its furniture and machines. This objects telling us the history and stories of this industrial heritage of Swiss ceramics. Many projects of a very varied nature are presented. They are all a reinterpretation of this Langenthal technological and artistic heritage.
I present in this old factory my project named Look (through) me.
In addition, a collective work of about 170 Langenthal plates reinterpreted by the students and myself will be presented at the Kunsthaus Langenthal.

The students: Alexandre Aynié, Alexandra Barreto, Nadia Benhaca, Tanguy Benoit, Baptiste Bonnard, Gregory Bourrilly, Anaïs Bouvet, Sophie Conus, Victor Delétraz, Araya De Rossi, Henry Drake, Alexander Fritz, Noémie Gambino, Julie Grange, Mohamed Maye, Danaé Meynet, Jonas Meyer, Viola Poli, Pablo Rezzonico, Caroline Schattling-Villeval, Marco Simao, Emilie Triolo et Ludovic Vial.

See on HEAD - Genève website.
See on HEAD - Genève website.
See on HEAD - Genève website.
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