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<i>The Design Film Festival</i>

The Design Film Festival presents, from September 11 to November 1, 2020, films made by designers and films about design. The festival is an online exhibition that shares completed and developing works, storyboards, prototypes and other research.
It is a collaboration between HEAD – Geneva, Parsons The New School and Kingston School of Art, directed by Alexandra Midal, Ulrich Lehmann and Jana Scholze. The Design Museum and the Institut Français du Royaume-Uni are partners of the event.
Works by students from these three graduate programs are collected under the title Montage: Design and Film, Film and Design.
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In pair with Julia Pelichet, I present a western called Forty-Niners. The movie is composed in five acts, each one illustrating a story of the conquest of the American West. The characters present in the story are invisible. However, their movements raise clouds of dust, which construct the narration.