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The Hidden Story

What is The Hidden Story?

The Hidden Story is an essay that proposes a complete rethinking of the political role of the Western based on an analysis of John Ford’s talking westerns. This research analyzes the narrative elements that the director exploits from 1939 onwards to denounce the violence of colonization that is usually overlooked in the narratives of the founding of the American nation.

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In his classic post-war westerns, John Ford depicts a fractured America that is infected by racism, misogyny and opportunism. He describes a schizophrenic nation where minorities are scorned. By examining the ways in which Ford manipulates the depiction of Monument Valley’s landscape, this essay explores the filmmaker’s engagement in revealing a hidden dimension of the falsified history of the conquest of the West.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 20,5 x 28 cm

Pages: 101


Master’s thesis supervisor: Alexandra Midal

Photographs: Tanguy Benoit