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<strong>Art and Design</strong>

Exhibitions and Screenings

  • 2024, Festival NuméricA
    Invited by Pauline BOUCHARLAT, curator of imagespassages
    La Turbine, Annecy (FRA)
  • 2020, Montage: Design and Film, Film and Design
    Organized by Alexandra Midal, Ulrich Lehmann and Jana Scholze
    As part of The Design Film Festival
  • 2018, Soucoupes volantes
    Ariana museum, Geneva (CHE)
  • 2018, Soucoupes volantes
    A part of the Nuit Culturelle
    Langenthal (CHE)
  • 2017, Dioramas
    Natural History Museum [MHN], Geneva (CHE)

Art Commissions

  • 2023, We Crave Blood
    Noam TORAN’s exhibition
    Curated by Maya BAMBERGER
    RawArt Gallery, Tel Aviv (ISR)


  • 2023, Matza (selected)
    Created and organized by Séverin GUELPA
    Geneva (CHE)

Awards and Nominations

  • 2021, Hans Wilsdorf Foundation Excellence Award (nomination)
    Space design category
    Geneva (CHE)


  • 2021, Dans l’œil du Prince
    Hermès - Geneva (CHE)