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<i>Sans titre</i>

Performance, abbey of Bellelay, Switzerland, during a day.
Wood, ropes, bicycle wheel, metal.
Approximately 300×400×250 cm.

The abbey church of Bellelay was occupied by French troops in 1797. The place was desecrated, the furniture looted and resold. He served then as stable, watch factory and brewery. Today, this historic site tends to be rehabilitated. For example, a replica of the original organ was reinstalled and work to rebuild the bell tower was undertaken...

Sans titre allows the hours to be announced by hybridizing the percussion method of a bell with metal pipes of an organ. The object, in its form, is located halfway between a door giving access to the choir of the abbey and a guillotine. He also questions the methods used to rehabilitate an historic building by imitating the original with false or hybridizing different objects.