Quand tu chantes, quand tu chantes...

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<i>Quand tu chantes, quand tu chantes...</i>

Kinetic sculpture.
Painted steel, twenty foggers, engine.
215×36×34 cm.

This piece is for me the opportunity to provide a look at a relationship between man with the animality of his body. Indeed, the deodorants for toilets are objects testifying a practice of dissimulation of our animality. Twenty, they demonstrate a kind of sickening and growing need for ever more purity. Thus, this piece seeks to push this principle so that created smells exacerbate the sense of smell and the atmosphere becomes unbreathable.
In this room, misting is also a metaphor for polluting fine particles, which are released into the atmosphere.
In addition, it is also a piece that, for me, incorporates an idea of ​​museum criticism. Indeed, this work would be a real olfactory, hygrometric and conservation hell, for museum administrations.