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Short film.
17:22 min.

This video tells the story of a character stuck in a video game, his thoughts on his captivity and his attempts to escape. It is performed on the game GTA V.
At the beginning of this short film, the character is not aware of being part of a digital world. It is with the non-interactions that he has with the other characters and the many glitches, that he gradually discovers his condition. It is then with different stratagems that he will try to escape his condition. It will even pass through suicide, in vain, since the system of this digital world prevents the physical destruction of a character. He will then understand that a world such as his own can not be totally dematerialized and he will try to get out of it in a physical way.
The film is looped so that the ultimate leak test, when the character goes to sea, is followed by its near-drowning at the beginning of the film. This supports the idea of ​​a vain and inevitable condition of the character.

The notion of liquid and more precisely of water is one of the foundations of this piece. Indeed, the concept of fluidity characteristic of this digital world, as Zygmunt Bauman could define it with his thought on life and liquid society, is for me a step before life in the plasmatic state that I am working to define.