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<i>Pas de pub, merci !</i>

Mailboxes, optics, trash bags, soft trigger, steel, chemistry, wood.
30×167×40 cm.
Black and white silver prints.
7.5×10.5 cm and 14.8×10.5 cm.
Mail received.

This project is a serie of sculpture-instruments for shooting with letterboxes and other mail delivery objects. The main idea is to hack everyday objects that become obsolete. This obscura camera serie provides: photographs inherent in the day-to-day vision of certain mailboxes, through direct piracy of private boxes through a standardized optical system; photographs of the postman when he deposits the mail directly into the mailbox converted into film and laboratory; or allows to deliver to the postman, photographs of the private space in which he deposits mail.

Obscura cameras still have the phrase "No ads, thank you!” As if to signify that they produce their own images.