Not so speed, dating

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<i>Not so speed, dating</i>

Transparent tarpaulin, steel, plexiglas, ultrasonic fogger, tea mix, citrus, cloves, honey, rum.
80×65×70 cm.

This installation confronts two spectators in a cramped space, charged with vapors of an alcoholic mixture. Two people are invited by the staff to break into a greenhouse hung at bust height. Inside, they face each other in a fresh and sweet atmosphere. The vapors of alcohol come to disturb their senses and dispel the sharpness of their vision. After a few minutes, the spectators are invited out, so that others take their place. The viewer’s experience is always influenced by the presence of the second spectator in the greenhouse. Inside, they wonder what they must look at: the face of each other, the vapors, the exterior colors through the tarpaulin …