Look (through) me

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<i>Look (through) me</i>

Optical sculpture.
Wood, mirrors, lenses, wheels.
Variable dimensions.

This scopic instrument works through a set of lenses and mirrors. It fits in positions on the ground, at eye level and above the human height. It seeks to give a vision of the architecture and space of the exhibition venue as well as other works present. When the viewer activates this piece, he can discover a photographic point of view based on a set of scales and positions. A monumental piece might seem tiny through the instrument and vice versa. In addition, the arrangement of the instrument determines the body position of the viewer. Thus, while a spectator observing a large room, its position is similar to apprehend a tiny object placed on the ground, and vice versa. The idea is to question the viewer about what he is looking at: should he look at the actual piece, its representation, the details of the instrument through the lenses or the instrument itself. This piece is an instrument that allows you to watch but also an instrument to watch.