L’enthalpie de l’image

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<i>L’enthalpie de l’image</i>

Black and white ink-jet printing on recycled paper.
36×26.6 cm, variable height.

This piece is made by accumulating hundreds of impressions of a single pattern. The latter, seeks to question our contemporary photographic practices in the digital world by comparing them to the enthalpy of materials.
So, I think that when we shooting, we are in a solid system: the real. But as soon as we get the first image, we inevitably go into the liquid system. The liquid system is for me a system of the practice of distraction. Indeed, with social networks and the media in general, the image duplicates, replicates, changes and transforms itself. These evolutions bring us into the gas system with the creation of the first version of a poor image, having lost its qualities, its meaning, its context ... However, I think that all the poor images are not equal. Some are still changing and become increasingly vaporous and take place in the plasma system. In this system, I wonder if we can still talk about images or if these images have become something else.

Schemas are heaped to mean non-identical replication of a single image. In addition, they are printed on the front and back with a flip. Thus, there is a superposition of the scheme from one side of the sheet to the other. This means that there is an idea of ​​sedimentation, a real volume and not just a stack of prints.