L’eau à la douche

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<i>L’eau à la douche</i>

Light box.
Wood, Plexiglas, LED ribbons.
46.7×31.5×29.9 cm.

This piece is a 3D modeling of a selfie taken in a bathroom. The latter offers a contrast between the shapes and textures of the place and those of the bodies. Indeed, the effacement of body representation makes sense with the idea of ​​a poor image, superabundant and emptied of all its context by the shares on the social networks.
It is the image of an image, an image, a copy, a copy...

But for me, the real subject is in the reflection of the mirror. Indeed, this image in the image gives to see a nude, visually disturbed by the semi-opacity of a shower curtain and the mist on the mirror. This fog dissipating little by little, when you leave the shower, staged the gradual appearance of a photographic image. The common use of the semi-transparent shower curtain as a filter to the vision questions me. Indeed, this filter blurs the shapes of the bodies. However, our imagination reconstructs them easily. It is often said that the use of such curtains is made to bring light into the shower. However, some showers have internal lighting. And the use of a much more opaque white surface would allow as for a photo studio lighting to bring enough light. For me, this game of the shower curtain is quite similar to that of the clouds that censor nudity in scenes of hot baths manga.
The manufactured case contrasts with the immateriality of an image made on a computer and for a computer.