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<i>Direction Plasma : Archive n°1</i>

Silver prints.
8.3×10.2 cm.
Box of card stock.
8.6×10.4×3.5 cm.

This serie includes 127 photographs taken on the GTA V game. The latter offers a camera application, which is in every way similar to those of our smartphones. Thus, the player can accumulate images and selfies of this immaterial life.
This game is a caricature of Los Angeles. Thus, I realized these intra-video photographs in order to unveil the bugs of the interactions with the system, while doing it in the manner of great American photographers.
For example, we can find influences of Twentysix Gasoline Stations of Ed Ruscha; black and white landscapes of Ansel Adams; photographs of Walker Evans’ American life; shots using diffractive light effects by liquids as in the work of Saul Leiter; or an approach to color approaching of William Eggleston...

My photographs are drawn on a polaroid format to create a contrast between their support and their nature. Indeed, the polaroid process is the guarantee of a shooting and a unique and instantaneous development. However, it is actually digital images that have been shot in silver by lambda print. This is another way for me to hybridize the temporalities of certain photographic practices. Moreover, having these prints in hand and flipping them give a material and manual side contrasting with the intangible side of the video game.