Ceremonia nebula

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<i>Ceremonia nebula</i>

Performance, variable duration.
Transparent cover, fabrics, metal, wood.

A performer, dressed in a semi-transparent costume, reads the fictional narrative of a world asleep under a thick geo-localizing fog used for the surveillance of the population. This fiction seeks to make think about a conceptual contradiction: the fact of being visible while being invisible. Then, the performer advances to a spectator and unfolds a large hood to place it under. Inside, the performer continues to talk but this time whispering. Some spectators come to watch and listen what is happening in this bubble. Finally, the performer raises his hood and goes to another spectator.

This performance works by appropriating codes of ceremonies and rituals of secret societies. The performer represents the figure of the sect master. The act of placing the spectator under this big hood is a kind of initiation. During this one, the master and the spectator become one and become a sculptural body.