Cacophony of furnitures

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<i>Cacophony of furnitures</i>

8:10 min vidéo.

This piece features a ballet dancer performing in a destroyed room. A person disturbs this scene by the exponential add of furniture.

This work is a reinterpretation of Jeff Wall’s Destroyed Room, which show the saccaged room of a woman. Only the sculpture of a dancer, placed on a wardrobe, remains intact. She seems, moreover, to be the helpless witness of this rampage.
The accumulation of furniture during this video offers an oscillating attempt between the hiding and the revelation of the dancer. The film is build on notions of impossibility-possibility of making image.
With this video, I use an augmented reality technique. Indeed, all the virtual furniture is spatialised along with target images. Thus, through the technique, I evoke the shooting instrument. I reintroduced it inside the stage, in the center of the image.